Specialty Pipe

The Specialty Department offers carbon, alloy/chrome, stainless, and high nickel pipe and tubing that is used in refineries, petro-chemical plants, power plants, and other related industries.  Our product portfolio consists of but is not limited to the following:

  • Carbon Specifications: A53, A/SA106 B or C, A/SA178, A/SA192, A/SA210, A/SA333, A/SA519, A/SA671, and A/SA672
  • Alloy Specifications: A/SA213, A/SA335, A/SA519, and A/SA691
  • Stainless: A/SA213, A/SA312, and A/SA376
  • Duplex: A/SA790
  • High Nickel Alloy: B/SB163, B/SB407, B/SB444, and B/SB729
  • Size Range: ¾” OD thru 48” OD
  • Other complementary products and services such as fittings and finning


Our strong alliances with quality international mills enable us to provide a wide range of products that single mills do not have the capability to produce.

Providing quality products is of the utmost importance to us.  Our products are sourced from ISO and PED certified global mills in Japan, China, and Korea.  Certificates for these certifications can be provided upon request.  In-house engineers conduct periodic mill audits to ensure the consistent quality of our products.

Contact our highly experienced, professional staff to fulfill your pipe and tubing needs.