Value Chain

Our strong relationships with global mills, service providers, and contractors enable us to provide quality tubular products, services, and global supply solutions.  We are a reliable company delivering products and services in an efficient, timely, and professional manner to not only meet but also exceed our customers’ tubular requirements.  We work diligently to add value to every aspect of our customers’ projects.

As a one-stop shop for customers, we incorporate a total tubular management approach which reduces customers’ total cost of ownership for activities and resources related to tubular sourcing, logistics, inventory management, storage, and distribution.

Our technical staff stays abreast of current industry standards to enhance product innovation, improve efficiency, and guarantee product reliability.  They provide technical training and consultancy to our customers to give them the best advice and knowledge on material selection, safety, installation, and cost-effective practices for any of their projects.

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Inception to Installation

Technical Training/Knowledge Management

Industry experts provide internal and external training to offer our customers with the best knowledge for usage, application, and performance of products.

Technical Service

Our highly experienced staff provides technical support, as well as innovative and integrated product and service solutions to domestic and global customers.

Custom Made/R&D Testing

Our team of experienced professionals with extensive tubular product and manufacturing expertise are dedicated to providing expertise in R&D, product innovation, qualifications, and testing to maximize safety, improve product reliability, and efficiency.

Multi-Mill Sourcing

MITI’s extensive network of domestic and global mills provides options for multi-product sourcing and utilization of local content to meet customers’ requirements.  MITI sources the best products based on quality, grade, and regional customer requirements in order to achieve cost efficiencies for customers.  Our relationship with JFE allows us to have access to JFE Alliance mills.

Total Tubular Management (TTM)

MITI’s Total Tubular Management model integrates tubular services and reduces the total cost of ownership of activities and resources related to the sourcing, supply, management risk, and distribution of tubulars for customers.

We are a one-stop shop for products, providing a single interface with turnkey options for domestic and global projects. Our stock management and inventory holding combined with our integrated management of materials demand assists with the lowering total cost of customers’ inventory.

 Logistics and Local Content

MITI has established relationships and an extensive network with highly qualified logistics companies to provide safe and efficient supply chain solutions for pipe and tubular goods.  The end-to-end transportation coordination includes consolidation of goods, customs clearance, loading supervision, tracking, receiving, and inspection.

Tubing/Casing Installation Service

Technical support for Onshore & Offshore Oil & Gas projects utilizing industry experts to ensure safe handling of products, installation, and operations from inception to installation.